Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, views Drakes Bay Oyster Company first-hand

Secretary Salazar and the owners of Drakes Bay Oyster Company, photograph by Kim Steele

With the impending expiration of Drakes Bay Oyster Company’s lease with the National Park Service, on November 31, 2012, Secretary Salazar sat down with the Drake’s Bay Oyster Company family owners.

Drakes Bay Oyster Company foreman, Lunny family, photograph by Kim Steele

Present in support of sustainable farming were: Tom Moore, Manager California Department Of Fish And Game; Marin County Supervisor, Steve Kinsey; and Tod Friend, Tomales Bay Oyster Company. All agreed that the importance of maintaining this lease was essential to the economic health of the Point Reyes community.

Representative Pete McCloskey, photograph by Kim Steele

Lifetime environmental activist, including Founder of Earth Day in 1970, Representative Pete McCloskey provided convincing dialogue to the Secretary to renew the lease. “In two years the Bush administration has tried to roll back almost all the environmental advances that were made in the last 33 years,” he says in an interview in his Redwood City law office. “I’m almost embarrassed to be a Republican.”

Secretary Salazar, Kevin Lunny, Bud Abbot, Kim Steele, photograph by Kim Steele

Salazar reiterated that this is a compelling and precedential decision which requires great consideration. The jury is still out, Secretary Salazar is expected to make a decision this week.

Tod Friend of Tomales Bay Oyster Company, Bud Abbot, Kim Steele, photograph by Sally Wilson

The farm tour was accompanied by numerous members of the press and dedicated supporters.

Ginny Cummings, Secretary Salazar, Kevin Lunny, photograph by Kim Steele


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